Pope Francis & National Grandparents Day

words from Pope Francis remind us of the importance of family

Wise words by Pope Francis remind us of the importance of family.

He acknowledged family life is difficult. “Sometimes plates can fly and children bring headaches,” he said. “But even in troubled families there is always life, families are factories of hope.” 

His voice grew even more forceful as he concluded: “Two things we really have to take care of…the children, and the grandparents. The children are the future, and the grandparents are the living memory of the family”…. 

“A society that doesn’t know how to look after its children [or] its grandparents is a people that has no future. It doesn’t have strength, or the memory to go forward.”

This was written by a child who was denied contact with his Grandmother by his parents…he is expressing his sorrow.rsz_12010638_1085130558178616_4926053228832368802_o

“As a child of parental alienation, thinking about the lost time I will never get back with my Grandma hurts. Today I remember her, and all the other GRANDPARENTS who are also victims of Parental Alienation.     “Happy National Grandparents Day.”NationalGrandparentsDay


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