Stop and smell the Roses…

Ever since I’ve been estranged from my daughter, walking has become more and more necessary for me just to get through the day.

Going on a walk can turn a bad day into a good one.  A mantra I use while walking is that I refuse to be defined by the child that threw me away like yesterday’s trash.” SnoFalls2

Most of my adult life I’ve gone on long walks & hikes, always stopping to pet a cat, or to admire a flower that reminds me of my Mother’s garden & inhaling the sweet scent.Waterfalledited

Walking among big trees such as Pine, Cedar, and Redwoods is also a source of great pleasure. Watching the waves crash on an empty beach can be uplifting as well.

Sometimes I listen to my favorite Bluegrass & Country music on the walk-man that my Father gave me, and other times the silence of a forest is golden.

imageedit_2_9480175592Take the time to stop & smell the rosesBumpingRiverCampingAug2010PebbleBeachJuly31-2011
“Morning Has Broken”  Namaste


2 thoughts on “Stop and smell the Roses…

  1. What a sweet, sweet sentiment. And how true. Walking is so therapeutic as is being in nature. Silence. It is the golden state where we learn so much. My betrayed heart hugs your betrayed heart, saying thank you for sharing with us today, reminding all that we do not have to bear our pain alone. We have each other, and the healing words we give to one another is “balm”.

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