Hello World

My oldest daughter Lacie (aka Laecee) is estranged from me by her choice, and it has put a tremendous strain on our entire family.rsz_cropthis
Sadly, I’ve never met my two young Grandchildren, Finn & Hazel.
Lacie has managed to put a wedge between me & my parents by lying to them about me.
My poor sweet youngest daughter, Rebecca, feels like she is caught in the middle & has to hide our relationship in order to avoid Lacie’s wrath.

Other relatives also feel caught in the middle…some take sides & some just try to stay out of it.

The problems between me & Lacie have been a “Living Nightmare”…
I’m devastated to see that other family members are affected by the
seemingly endless pandemonium.

And to add an extra dimension of pain and suffering, Lacie lies about who her family is…she calls our old neighbors, “The Snyder’s” her family.>>> The Snyder’s are NOT her Family!

No matter how angry Lacie is with me…I’ll Always be her Mother

“You Are My Sunshine” rsz_image2_4


5 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. The “You Are My Sunshine” video, photos of you & your daughter(s) are beautiful, and SO precious. Really liked your “Wonderland” post….so many good points!

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  2. Thank you, the song “You Are My Sunshine” in the video makes me tear-up every time I watch it & the photos bring back lots of memories. You must be talking about my post “Estranged Adult Children who still live in Wonderland”…thank you Norma!

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  3. finnlynn – You wrote an amazing post called “Living Hell” which is the best description of estrangement I ever read but it seems to have disappeared, could you share again please…so helpful for those of us who share the same sad journey with our own children.
    Keep the blog going – so valuable. Thank you

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