Our Family Gathered Together from Near and Far for a "Moment in Time"

Dear Finn & Hazel,
Here are some precious family memories from my Grandmother’s 100th Birthday party, that was held in Noti, Oregon. She was your Great Great Grandmother.
Doris Meredith Seaver was born on Dec. 8, 1909, but we had her party on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009.

The whole family from my Mother’s side of the family were there!
 —->Gramma making a Big Wish!
As you can see I’m into making collages…some are better than others 🙂

Rebecca, Lynn & Lacie (aka Laecee)
The whole Family ~ Dec. 2009

At the end of the party when we were saying our goodbyes I found out from my sisters (Jan Manning & Kathy Farwell) that everyone was invited to Lacie’s wedding (aka Laecee) that was going to be on June 12, 2010. I then asked her if I was invited to her wedding too, and she said “No!”.
After I confronted her about it, we ending up having a big argument outside in the cold dark night. It was absolutely awful… 
I was totally shocked and heartbroken. 
That was the beginning of our estrangement…
Weeks later my youngest daughter, Rebecca Roth, told me that my parents (Phyllis & David Meacham) were going to invite me over to their house for Christmas, but when they heard that Lacie & I had a fight outside at the end of the party, they changed their minds. I was absolutely devastated…
                                              * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Please remember that I love you both with all my heart…and always will.
Merry Christmas Finn & Hazel
Forever your,
~Gramma Lynn


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