Gershenson Engagement, Wedding & their Overseas Honeymoon

Hello Hazel & Finn,
Your parents, Lacie and Alexander Gershenson, got engaged at Yosemite National Park in 2009. On Aug. 23, 2009 I sent a text saying “Congrats on your Engagement Lacie!” and she replied “Thank you” (I saved the text.)

 Engaged in Yosemite with a Sapphire ring. (Lacie’s September birthstone)
The back of their Van…how romantic!

On Saturday, June 12, 2010 Lacie (aka Laecee) celebrated her dream
come true…she finally married her Prince Charming!

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Gershenson

Sadly, I wasn’t at the wedding…it was the beginning of our estrangement. But, I did send my daughter a sentimental card with some precious photos enclosed…along with my well wishes.
Everyone was there except Me, “The Mother of the Bride”. That was a very hard day for me, one of the worst days of my life.

After the wedding, held outdoors of course, in the forest under the Redwood trees at “The Farm”, she and her Prince flew to France and Russia for their Honeymoon.

Russian Palace
“Blue Suede Shoes” bought in Paris for Lacie, from Alex

Lacie had the chance to see one of the worlds most fantastic ballet
schools in Saint Petersburg graduate their students during a special performance, finally see the sun never set during Russia’s ‘White Nights’, and admire the sparkle of Paris at night.

Love Always, Your Gramma Lynn

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