Lacie and I met at "The 515" for her 26th Birthday (aka Laecee)

Dear Finn & Hazel,
On Sept. 20, 2009 it was your Mommy’s 26th birthday. I sent her a text on Sept. 15th saying “515 at 4:00?” Lacie replied saying “Sure 🙂 the outside, downstairs porch is nice”. (I still have the text.)
We met at her favorite place, “The 515 Kitchen & Cocktails”, located at 515 Cedar St. in Santa Cruz. She called it “Her Office”…little did she know that she would soon have a real office on Cedar St. for her rapidly growing children’s entertainment business.
We had a couple of their specialty 515 cocktails, and talked about her recent engagement & upcoming wedding to Alexander Gershenson, (your Daddy) whom I hadn’t even met…but was hoping to meet soon.
She showed me her ring, and I asked her when she was planning on starting a family, she said “probably next Sept.” I was SO excited to hear this news of my first Grandchild’s impending arrival. (that’s you Finn!)
I showed her a box of mementoes which I had brought with me. We talked for awhile about the items, and then she opened the birthday gift I had framed for her. It was a newspaper article that I saved ever since 1987, when she was 4 years old. Here it is without the frame.


Lacie’s First Fairy Costume (aka Laecee)

She LOVED the gift, and asked if she could use it on her “Happily Ever Laughter Parties” website. I proudly said “Of course you can!” (I don’t know if she ever put it on her website.)
We left “The 515” and met at your Aunt Rebecca’s house for a visit. She was surprised, and very happy to see Lacie & I together. I wish we would have taken a picture of the three of us that day. It ended up being a very short visit, and then Lacie went home.
I was very pleased that things had gone so well…and hoped with all my heart that our family was finally going to be okay.

~ Your Gramma Lynn



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