My Grandkids, Finn & Hazel Gershenson were Born

To my Grandchildren, Finn and Hazel,
Finn: “When you were born I wasn’t there, and it was all I could do to contain myself from going to Sutter Maternity hospital to see you.” I was very excited, and extremely sad at the same time, to know that my first Grandchild had been born. But, I still had hope that I would be able to see you soon.
You were born at 7:02 pm, so the next day I mailed you a green patchwork baby quilt with your name & birth date handwritten (by me) on one corner. I don’t know if you ever slept with it, or even got to see it…
Also, I opened a Savings Trust account at Bank of America, for you to have money when you’re older for College, a Car, or anything else you may want. I deposited $500.00 initially, and my intention was to keep depositing money in the account every year on your birthday, and on Christmas.
After your parents received the first bank statement, your mother sent me an incredibly mean, and downright cruel email saying that she didn’t want any gifts from me, and she didn’t want the bank account either. (some other nasty things were said too) Your father, Alexander Gershenson, even went to the bank in person to try to stop the bank statements from coming to your house, and he wanted the account closed!
Hazel: You were born at 5:03 pm which is very close to the time that Lacie was born. (5:21 pm) Sadly, by the time you were born, I knew it was futile to try and send anything for you, and/or to go and see you at the hospital. I cried so hard the day you were born…my heart was completely broken.” 
It is so very wrong of them to hold my Grandchildren hostage. I know it’s because Lacie is extremely angry, hostile, and wants to hurt me. But, she is also hurting the both of you by keeping your Grandmother, who loves you very much, completely out of your lives.>>>The Snyder’s are NOT your Family!
I have cards, presents, and money saved for you Hazel, and for you Finn. When the day comes that I finally get to see you both, you will know that your Gramma Lynn has always loved you.
It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since you were born my sweet Hazel. Here is a photo of me and Lacie on her first birthday. (your Mommy)

Lynn Meredith Roth & Lacie Meredith Roth ~ Sept. 20, 1984

And now you are THREE years old my dear Finn. Here are two photos of Lacie when she turned three. Pink was her favorite color, so I baked that pink cake, and bought pink presents for her.

My daughter Lacie ~ Three years old (aka Laecee)
I still have that cake plate, it turns & plays the “Happy Birthday” song.
Turning Musical Cake Plate ~ Christmas at my parents house ~ 1985

Always & Forever,
~Your Gramma Lynn


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