Pink Roses for my Daughter Lacie (aka Laecee)

Dear Finn & Hazel,
My daughter Lacie, aka Laecee (your Mommy) has her own business called “Happily Ever Laughter Parties”, based in Santa Cruz, CA. Her fairy name is “Fae Diddle Diddle” (aka Fae Diddle Gershenson) and before she got married it was Lacie Roth.—–>Happily Ever Laughter Parties
I surprised her on August 13, 2009, by going to see one of her shows in Watsonville, and by giving her a dozen pink roses.
                  “Family Fun Night is back at PUMP’d — and so is Faerie Fae! We are proud to announce that Fae Diddle Diddle of Happily Ever Laughter Parties will be returning to provide her special brand of magic, face painting and more for our guests. If you weren’t able to make it in July, please be sure to clear your schedule for Thursday, August 13th.”

Pink was her favorite color as a child

She blushed, and said “Nobody ever gave me flowers after a performance before.”
I was very impressed with her show, and the children were mesmerized. My favorite part was when she played her banjo and sang “You are my Sunshine”.
It brought tears to my eyes…

Lacie & her Banjo (aka Laecee)

It would have been nice to go do something special with her after the show, but she had to rush home to a gathering of your Daddy’s Russian friends. That was disappointing, but it was great to see her perform.
I was happy that she twisted a blue & yellow balloon flower for me after she loaded her faerie trunk into the back of her shiny black Prius.
The balloon flower stayed on a shelf in my bedroom until it shriveled up…then I put it in my memento box to save forever.

Love Always,
~Your Gramma Lynn


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