Lacie and I met at "Coffeetopia" (aka Laecee)

Dear Finn & Hazel,
On April 18, 2009 Lacie and I met to chat and visit with each other at “Coffeetopia” on Mission St., located on the west side of Santa Cruz.
I had sent her a text asking “Can we could get together and do something?” She replied at 12:11p.m. saying “Hello! I’m in between shows right now. Let me call you in a minute.” (I still have her text.)
On April 2, 2009 Lacie and I had seen each other briefly at Rebecca’s house, after I drove Rebecca home from helping me move. Lacie met us there, as she had a show at Branciforte Middle school, which was close to Rebecca’s place. We hugged and kissed, but I was pretty stressed out, and had to get back to my movers on the west side of Santa Cruz. Since it was so brief, I was looking forward to seeing her at “Coffeetopia” hopefully for a longer visit.
She walked into the coffee place in full costume dressed as a “Princess”. We sat down at a table, and she had a bagel with cream cheese. After talking for a short time, her eyes visibly changed, and she had a strange expression on her face.
I told my daughter that she really needed to let the past go…
I was shocked when she stood up and stubbornly said she “Would never let it go!“…then she gave me a kiss, hugged me, and left.
That night Rebecca and I met at the “One Double Oh Seven Club” for me to meet her boyfriend Zachary Gero, and to play some pool. I told her that things didn’t go so well with Lacie. Rebecca said “don’t worry Mama” like everything was going to be all right. But, I had a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach…and tried to put what happened earlier with Lacie out of my mind. It was a BLAST that night with Rebecca!

Aunt Rebecca & Gramma Lynn @ “The 007”

The photo of my daughter dressed as a “Sorceress” is how her face looked, when she looked at me that day. I still had hope that Lacie and I would be able to “mend fences”, and that everything would be okay.
Love, Gramma Lynn


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