What in the world happened to my daughter Lacie? (aka Laecee Gershenson)

When Lacie (aka Laecee) was 19 she attended San Francisco City college, and went to Paris, France to study.  While she was there she celebrated her 20th birthday. I sent her a “chartreuse & black print Sun Dress, with fringe” as a birthday gift.
I was so excited to be mailing a present all the way to France!
After about week, I received a nice postcard from her describing her life in Paris, and she thanked me for the gift. I put the postcard on my fridge… and I still have it.
Lacie sent me the three pics below that she took at her place in Paris.

My daughter Lacie sent me these pics shorty after her 20th birthday.
Taken on Sept 27, 2003 ~ Paris, France

Lacie (aka Laecee) sent me an invitation to her first wedding in June 2006 to CJ Flores, when she was 22 years old. (the marriage didn’t last)
She even went to look at a house for me in her neighborhood…and said “Mom, you could walk to my wedding!” In hindsight, I should have moved there, even though she told me it was very small. Maybe things would have turned out differently…
So, what in the world happened from June 2006 to Dec. 2009 when she didn’t invite me to her next wedding?
(in June 2010 to Alexander Gershenson)
There is nothing that I know of that would cause this extremely cruel treatment of me, her own Mother!
It makes absolutely no sense to me…unless it is because of Alex???
Lacie and CJ had agreed to have me stay in their house for the wedding, but ALEX REFUSED TO EVEN MEET ME! (aka Sasha)
(and to this day I’ve never met him)
He is the only new factor in her life after CJ…>>>The Snyder’s are NOT her Family!

Wedding Invitation Lacie sent to me in 2006 (aka Laecee)

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